Ayelen Parolin


Inspired by Dada and free of the confines of convention, Ayelen Parolin's new creation thumbs its nose at the seriousness of our time. The choreographer launches three dancers into an astonishing game of rhythm and construction, that is both repetitive and ever-changing, constantly redistributed, restructured and re-imagined.

This is a game in which incompleteness and starting over are the basic rules. A game-labyrinth. A musical game... without music. It is the dancers on stage who invent it, imagine it, play it using a voluntarily restricted, sparing choreographic vocabulary. It is a search for a vital beat. The three of them search; they are complicit and conniving. It has the power and deeply human sincerity of the foolish, the naive, the child - where everything is (still) possible, from the senseless to the dreamlike.