Thi-Mai Nguyen

Stand by

A man, a woman. A couple. They use their bodies to revisit their lives. Separately and together. From the embryo they were, to the dust they have become once again. Using their skin, their breath and their gaze, they confront gravity, as well as auditory and visual deformations. They question their heritage and their capacity for action and reaction. With Stand by, choreographer Thi-Mai Nguyen goes back to our origins to explore humanity. It is therefore a question of transmission, of responsibility, of what drives us to influence this world. To stand by, people.

A piece by: Thi-Mai NguyenIn In collaboration with: Mehdi Baki Performers: Mehdi Baki, Thi-Mai Nguyen

Child extras:Vera Fonteyne, Rita Hubert- Lopez, Iago Vandekeybus and Lotta Van tomme

External views: Laida Aldaz, Marie Hossenlopp, Soa Ratsifandrihana
Sound design: Antoine Delagoutte
Lighting design: Rémy Urbain
Construction: Ralf Noon
Costumes : Isabelle Lhoas

Coproduction and delegated production: Théâtre la Balsamine

Support: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Dance section, Ultima Vez, La Faktoria