Anton Lachky Company

Les Autres

Les autres is a false myth, a ballet, a message, a romantic poem, a personal diary and a call to courage.

Freedom, a grass-roots movement and ecology: these three major concepts provide the structure for this piece for four dancers. It is an epic in which individuals are determined to regain possession of themselves and their own freedom of movement.

Les autres tells the story of four characters who are isolated in a strange world. They live in a plastic hell, totally devoid of any other living beings, and surrounded by impenetrable, translucent screens. Will the inhabitants of this world manage to break free of this dreary and unmitigated existence? Do they want to?

To ward off fate and boredom, they dance every day with precision, fervour and passion. From chance encounters to obstinate quests, the four friends will perhaps end up committing the crucial and most rebellious of acts, namely to marvel at life.