Lara Barsacq

IDA don't cry me love

Ida Rubinstein, the legendary Ballets Russes dancer and muse of Serge Diaghilev, caused a sensation in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century with her charisma, her beauty and her sultry presence. On stage, the dancer stripped off her costume and took off her clothes: immediate triumph and fame. With this provocative and liberating act, Ida Rubenstein made her entrance into the history of dance, performance and feminism.

A century later, Lara Barsacq meets up with the muse, who is for her a source of inspiration. Barsacq is joined by two other dancers and on stage, all three artists celebrate and sing the memory, the glory and the absence of Ida. In her own way, combining the historical with the trivial, the grandiose with the absurd, and personal memories with archives, Lara Barsacq composes an ode to freedom and to tutelary figures who inspire energy and audacity. A hymn to poetry and dance as self-invention.