105 min.
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Yiphoon Chiem & Lila Magnin / KVS



What makes certain movements masculine and others feminine? The confusion and decoupling of genres in order to arrive at a less defined style, that’s what attracts and fascinates dancer, choreographer and musician Lila Magnin. The result is a completely unique and personal solo. In one fluid movement Magnin switches between voguing and contemporary dance, jumps from barre to street, oscillates between the mudras of Bharata Natyam (a traditional Indian dance) and breakdance. In times of globalisation and mixing, Magnin dares to break boundaries with her first solo – all in search of her own path.


Brussels-based artist Yiphoon Chiem combines influences from martial arts such as Kungfu, classic Khmer dance, hip hop and breakdance, weaving them together to create a highly idiosyncratic style. B**** honours the archetype of the woman of multiple powers. Travel along through the history of injured women and tortured and disowned mothers. A solo in striptease mode, an unveiling of the masks we wear. The performance also explores the shadow side of our selves. A walk through the various phases of life, and that which follows: death, the spirit realm, and rebirth.